My name is Paul, I’m 17 years old and the oldest of three siblings. When I began services with Intermountain, I was partying, didn’t really care about anything, and had been put on probation for substance use at school. Once I started facing the consequences for how I was living my life, I began to develop a general anxiety about where my life was going. I was overwhelmed by all of the responsibility and accountability, and began to use more substances and run away. After spending a more extended period of time in detention, I changed my perspective to be more open minded to the concept of change. I did what I had to do in order to get through it. I was enrolled in Touchstone’s Multi-Systemic Therapy and Intermountain’s In-Home Services MOSAIC Program. The Intermountain staff have provided me with skills to get along better with my mom, given me someone to talk to about my problems, and taught me ways to live a more sober life. I’ve had periods of time when I lapse back into my old way of thinking, but have learned ways to keep myself in check. I’ve learned that I don’t need drugs to live and I have more to care about than ever. I am working on graduating from high school, having a relationship with a beautiful girl and her son, and just being chill at my house with my family.

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