Sunrise Ranch is home to eight to ten children and adolescents who require a Level II placement in a nurturing, home-like environment while stabilizing their behavior and acquiring new self-management skills. Omar arrived at Sunrise following his 13th birthday with some challenging behavioral issues and a great big smile. Omar’s poor school performance highlighted a problem that he had in getting along with his mother. The third of five children, Omar has a 16 year old brother with Cerebral Palsy and several younger siblings with challenging behavioral issues, too.

Omar’s parents sought help from Pantano Behavioral Health Services, and Pantano referred Omar to Intermountain for assistance with anger management, peer interaction and social skill development. Omar’s residence at Sunrise was inaugurated with ups and downs at school and fits of rage that precipitated destructive pranks at the group home and five school expulsions.

The Sunrise staff discovered that Omar liked to know how things work, and he was enrolled in Physics Camp in the summer of 2011, thanks to the Foothills Service Club. He thrived there and built several simple machines of which he was terribly proud. Omar’s next reinforcer was a telescope, thanks to the generosity of an individual donor who learned of his science prowess. Omar was off and running – his school successes were paramount and his housemates at Sunrise loved him, too! He had become an excellent candidate for Therapeutic Foster Care and he and his telescope were placed with a family in Tucson.

Omar is a true star!

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