Juliet's Story


Juliet has come a long way, in many senses, during the seven years she has resided with Intermountain. A young Navajo woman who was raised by her mother on the Reservation near Tuba City, she came to Tucson in 2005 to live in Intermountain’s Vida Nueva Program because of her serious mental illness. She brought her an acute interest in her Navajo culture, significant talent in weaving and an anger management problem that kept her from enjoying the wonders of her home community. At Vida Nueva, Juliet was placed in a two bedroom apartment with 24 hour staffing and a roommate. She immediately impressed the staff with her intense pride in her new home and the level of cleanliness and order that she maintained. Early on, Juliet identified her interest in going to college and the staff quickly got her enrolled in Adult Education courses at Pima Community College. In addition, she began regular coursework in prerequisites for a degree by taking Math at Pima. Juliet enjoys many healthy pastimes. She loves to swim, play basketball and work out at the gym. Acquiring new computer skills gives her a great deal of pride and pleasure. Because of her continued success in semi-independent settings, she recently moved into an independent apartment adjacent to Intermountain’s Vida Nueva Complex. We are proud of Juliet’s successes and determination. Keep up the good work, Juliet!

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