David's Story


David a 13 year old Intermountain client, has brought a renewed sense of hope and inspiration to many of the Intermountain staff. Our introduction to David in 2010 was a shocking and devastating one – his mother was abandoning him by relinquishing her parental rights. For many of us, wrapping our minds around an act of this caliber was unimaginable. We could not fathom how David was feeling – to be only 11 years old and watch the world as you know it disappear in front of your eyes. When he lost his mother, he also lost her entire family, his home, his pets, his friends…his sense of permanency.

David was blessed with some protective factors during this period of his life: an amazingly consistent and caring Therapeutic Foster Care family, a team of professionals willing to go to bat for him as many times as needed, the ability to remain in the same school. Some watched David like one would watch a lit fuse, the anticipated explosion inevitable. But to the surprise of many…David never did explode. On the contrary, he drew from some inner reserve of strength incomprehensible to those of us in his audience. He cried, he hit his bed, he occasionally verbally lashed out at others, but he went on.

In November of 2012, David was adopted by the very same consistent and caring Therapeutic Foster Care family with whom he had lived since 2010. He will now tell you with great pride that he is David, son of Ruth and Michael. David plays on the school soccer team and hangs out with friends like any “normal kid.” He makes excellent grades. He no longer needs Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) accommodations, and so his school is closing his IEP a the end of this school year. David has completed individual therapy services after receiving them from this therapist for the past 2.5 years. Intermountain is about to close David as a client, because he needed our help for a while, not forever.

What a happy ending! We are so proud of David!

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