About Intermountain Centers for Human Development

Intermountain is licensed by the State of Arizona to provide many services for the State’s at-risk populations in group homes, foster homes, and independent living settings. Serving over 3,000 individuals each year in Arizona, the approximately 300 staff members (most of whom are program staff) are dedicated to providing the highest quality, community-based, individualized services in the most cost-effective manner to the at-risk individuals referred to Intermountain for services. For forty years, Intermountain has been a leader in developing innovative, strength-based services for children and adults, in a culturally appropriate manner. Each child or adult served receives individualized support services to address critical deficiencies which are inhibiting their ability to live in the community on their own and/or provide for their families.

Intermountain is proud to have developed behavior health initiatives that have impacted the system:

    • Group Homes
    • Home Centered Training for Home Centered Clients/HCTC (formerly Therapeutic Foster Care)
    • Intensive In-Home Wraparound
    • Therapeutic Day Program
    • School for Children Diagnosed with Autism


The primary goals of Intermountain’s programs are to focus on the individual strengths of each client; to promote the development of self-sufficiency and a sense of self worth; to nurture the acquisition of academic, social, leisure, vocational, self-care and community-building personal life skills; to model positive decision-making skills, community awareness and responsibility and to develop constructive future planning for each individual begins with identifying the skills required to live an independent and productive life. Economic and cultural variables are also considered in tailoring the objectives to support the goals of each individual; short-term objectives are developed by a consensus of staff, the client and the client’s team. Goals attained are noted at regular team meetings in order to determine the efficiency of the treatment and advance the individual’s treatment plan.

The vision of Intermountain is to assist each child, adult and family individually, in identifying and achieving their personal goals through the least restrictive and most positive means. No matter what an individual’s level of disability or development, self-sufficiency and self-management skills are primary goals for each client. Intermountain is an organization that has always been committed to promoting racial, sexual and religious equality. Programs are designed to respect and promote the cultural traditions of our clients while supporting their successful future in the community – to nuture the acquisition of positive life skills and a healthy and productive sense of self worth.

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